June 2022 Anglican Commentary: Maxine King ’24

As an Episcopalian, being in communion with other Anglican churches beyond my own province always felt important to me, but I have not always known what it looks like to truly value belonging to the Anglican Communion in my daily life and ministry. Parishes I have belonged to would mention dioceses of other Anglican churches in our prayers, but it was difficult to find ways to move into more meaningful relationship with the churches and people for whom we were praying. Becoming a Companion of the Center for Anglican Communion Studies has given me the opportunities to walk alongside other members of the Communion through a wide variety of events and programming. Being a Companion to the Center has helped to transform my sense of belonging to our Communion from an abstract sentiment to a concrete and ongoing practice of learning from and listening to others in this international fellowship of churches. In my first year of seminary education, I have been fortunate to have my theological formation shaped by perspectives from Anglicans in Liberia, Pakistan, Brazil, and many other places across the Communion through events put on by the Center. Hearing how these faithful Christians engage their contexts in different ministries has helped me more thoughtfully engage my own theological and spiritual practices, and these learning experiences will continue to shape how I practice Anglicanism in my own future contexts and ministries. These are just a few of the many joys of being a Companion of the Center and a more committed member of this Communion gathered in love for and service to our Lord!

Maxine King ’24

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