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African American Episcopal Historical Collection

The African American Episcopal Oral History Project

Peoples of African descent have long valued oral tradition. Thus, it is especially fitting that the AAEHC seek to capture the stories of black Episcopalians in their own voices.

Since the inception of the Episcopal Church, African American Episcopalians have faithfully contributed their gifts and perspectives to the Church that they love, even as it has often resisted their full inclusion. The AAEHC aims to document this legacy by gathering oral histories from African American Episcopalians who have been active in the life of the Church. In every order of ministry, the Church has been blessed by the efforts of blacks who have encouraged the recognition of all people as children of God. Theirs is a legacy of hope, devotion, and perseverance. Their experiences and insights, in their own voices, will be recorded as an inspiration for all Episcopalians for generations to come.

Not only do we conduct our own interviews but we are also happy to receive and safeguard oral history interviews done by others.

A complete list of oral histories is available at the bottom of this page.  To access online finding aids and transcripts, click on hyperlinks.

To obtain information about other oral histories, suggest persons who should be interviewed, or inquire about donating existing interviews, please contact us at .

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