Soulful Approaches to Planning

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Soulful Approaches to Planning

Sharing practical planning tools and techniques amid changing circumstances and ministry chaos.

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There is an infinite amount of good we could do, but the question before the church of today and tomorrow is “What is God calling us to do right now?” Some of the systems and processes we’ve crafted over the years have gotten in the way of the work God is calling us to do now. Our objective is to share practical planning tools and techniques, based on the thirteen principles from Kendra Adachi’s book The Lazy Genius Way, to help you be both flexible in changing circumstances and give yourself the gift of perspective amid ministry chaos. The workshop will consist of a presentation and breakout groups facilitated by Sarah Bentley Allred ’19 and Elizabeth Henry-McKeever ’19.


May 31 2022


4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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