Response if Case Emerges

The Seminary will be following the advice from the CDC advice. We will report all cases to the authorities and follow their guidance as required.

List of 3 frequently asked questions.


We are requiring all professors to prepare an online delivery mode for classes.

Voluntary Isolation for those in the Dorms

If we have a case, then we will invite the person to live in Maywood and support them accordingly. This is in accordance with the advice from the CDC. The equivalent for those in apartments is to stay in the apartment.

Further Steps

As required by the CDC, once there is one case on the campus, then we will work closely with local health officials. We will follow the advice documented here.

The results may be the following:

  • Chapel, Refectory, 1823, the Library, the Butterfly House would close.
  • Meriwether Godsey would deliver meals to the dorms (all other members of the community would have to self-cater).
  • All teaching would take place online.
  • The Emergency Response Team would monitor the situation.

If you have questions or information to share, please contact the Emergency Response Team at .