Forma: Gathering for a Radically Hybrid Conference in January 2024

Forma logo. The Episcopal shield in blue and red with the word "forma" next to it in casual script. "The Network for Christian Formation" appears in all caps underneath.We are so excited about our radically hybrid Forma Conference in January 2024.Our main goal for the Forma Conference is to bring together Christian formation professionals from the Episcopal Church and beyond for an intentional time of networking, learning, and inspiration.

In thinking of how to accomplish this, we wanted to focus on how to make the conference accessible to the broadest range of participants. We found great success with our hybrid conference last year; however, it was still cost-prohibitive for many and left the online community yearning for more. This is where we began to envision having multiple ways to participate, without a central conference location. This new format allows participants to engage at their own comfort level, whether that is at home, at a local gathering, or retreat center. They can also participate within a reasonable time frame, no matter their time zone! We will have materials for those gathering together to engage in community locally or at retreat centers, as well as online options for those who desire them.

Our theme this year is “A Way in the Wilderness.” Our speakers, workshop leaders, and worship leaders will be engaging with how there are times of being in the wilderness while in ministry and how we can be open to something new springing forward. For more information, click here. We hope that you will join us January 22-25!

– Maggie Baker
Conference Committee Chairperson, Forma Leadership Council

Forma, the network for Christian Formation for the Episcopal Church and beyond is a ministry of Lifelong Learning at Virginia Theological Seminary.

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