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“From the Prophet Isaiah we hear how God implores us to see the new things springing forth. TryTank is a deliberate way for the church to engage the Holy Spirit in co-creating a new church for a new world.”

The Rev. Lorenzo Lebrija

Chief Innovation Officer | Virginia Theological Seminary
Executive Director TryTank Experimental Lab

About TryTank

TryTank Experimental Laboratory is a lab for church growth and innovation. It is a joint project between Virginia Theological Seminary and the General Theological Seminary. TryTank offers inventive approaches to the challenges facing the Episcopal Church. Our mission is to help the church innovate as a way of following the Holy Spirit. We deliver on our mission by focusing on these areas:

1. Learning: We are always learning from the real world

2. Innovation: We keep trying new ways of being church

3. Leadership: We help create a culture of innovation in the Episcopal                    Church

4. Creating Change: Our experiments lead to measurable change in some                areas

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