Mutual Ministry

Headshot of the Rev. Lydia Bucklin“Mutual Ministry is…
a life-giving, revolutionary way of being Church where the gifts of all are not only welcomed, but honored, each person invited to be part of the work of God, following the way of Jesus’ love in our local communities.”


The Rev. Lydia Kelsey Bucklin
Founding Director, Senior Advisor & Project Evangelist, Mutual Ministry Initiative

About the Initiative

The Mission of the Church is to restore all people to unity with God and each other in Christ. (BCP, pp. 855)

The Mutual Ministry initiative (MMi)) is a multi-year process designed to leverage the strengths and address the challenges of a residential, denominational seminary to meet the urgent need for clergy and lay leaders trained as ministry developers in local, culturally specific contexts. Research shows congregations are struggling to afford priests, while many priests on the ground were trained for a model of church that simply no longer exists. MMi shifts from the model where professional clergy are the sole minister that others gather around, to a collaborative and explicitly biblical (Acts 2) framework where ordained clergy serve alongside and among a community of ministers (the people of the congregation), congruent with Episcopal baptismal theology and ecclesiology.

Contact Mutual Ministry

 If you have questions about the Mutual Ministry initiative,
email Kim Arakawa, project manager