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Immanuel Chapel

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Completed in 2015, Immanuel Chapel sits at the entrance to Virginia Theological Seminary, within a “Worship and Welcome Quad.” Worship at Virginia Seminary is first and foremost a communal act of thanksgiving and praise of the God who has created and redeemed humankind through Jesus Christ. It is at the heart of what we do, central to understanding that theological education flows out of worship. The VTS community shares this holy space with the parishioners of Immanuel Church-on-the-Hill and Church of the Redeemer.

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This Chapel provides hope to the people of God in our increasingly secular age. Each element of the Chapel’s design forms a deep symbolism. It is a Christocentric Chapel in many ways – the Icon of the Incarnation hanging in the ambulatory, the Alpha and the Omega inscribed in the organ woodwork, the four Gospel symbols captured in the ambo, the stations of the cross marked with simplicity around the edge of the Chapel, and on the way in you walk near the sculpture of the prophet Mary, as she carries the Christ child. It is a Communion Chapel – with the Cross of Nails linking us with the reconciliation work of Coventry Cathedral and with a stone from Canterbury Cathedral right in the middle of the altar.  The Christocentric and Communion Chapel is supplemented with the celebration of the Trinity in the remarkable pieces of art that grace the space as our windows.

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Sermons from Immanuel Chapel

Faculty regularly preach during the Morning Eucharist and TNL services. Click here for recordings of sermons from faculty, administration, and guest preachers.

Resident Congregations at Immanuel Chapel

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Immanuel Church-on-the-Hill

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