Ministry Development

Ministry Development

The Ministry Development track focuses on the building and strengthening of Christian communities, and on the bridge-building and connecting of Christian communities with surrounding neighborhoods, towns, and cities for the sake of the common mission, the Common Good, and a living witness of God’s Good News.

Core Courses for Ministry Development

  • Foundations of Christian Mission and Community Formation
  • Ministry in Context
  • Building Evangelizing Communities
  • Moral and Ethical Leadership
  • Governance and Mission

Topical courses for Ministry Development

Students will also find a wide array of topical courses including;

  • Leading from the Pulpit
  • Liturgical Theology for Congregational Mission
  • Dynamics of Conflict and Change
  • Intentional Missional Leadership
  • Human Emotions and Ministry
  • Holistic Environments of Integrated Faith and Learning
  • Fostering Cultures of Spiritual Guidance and other topical courses related to the building and bridging of communities.