The Gift of the AAEC

Date: July 13, 2021

When I started at VTS in August term 2015, little did I know the continuing ride that I would be on with God and the amazing human beings I would meet during my time at VTS – human beings I still pray for and with, human beings I miss, and human beings I may not see again until I die. I am still marked by their knowledge of and care for God, God’s people, and God’s Church.

For me as a solo cleric, this confirms that ministry is never a solo gig. We ARE in ministry together – with each other and with God. This continues to offer me hope, courage, and love for the Church and the possibilities of human beings entering into God’s mission with and in this world.

This is also the gift of being on VTS’ Alumni Associate Executive Committee (AAEC).

As a member of AAEC, I have found this same hope, courage, and love in my fellow VTS alumni that I experienced as a VTS seminarian. AAEC has offered me deeper connections and solidarity in ministry. I am increasingly grateful for our Seminary that is still evolving and growing in its own formation as a place of complex history and astounding potential with and in God.

Many thanks, VTS, and I hope to continue to offer back what I have received: hope, courage, and love with God’s help.

The Rev. Lisa A. Bornt ‘18
Member, AAEC
Rector, Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Essex, MD

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