The Alumni Association Executive Committee of VTS

Date: June 16, 2023


This week’s Commentaries have been written by members of the AAEC (Alumni Association Executive Committee). For Commentary readers unfamiliar with AAEC’s work, here is some brief information about their role and activities.


The AAEC is the elected executive body of the Alumni Association of Virginia Theological Seminary. As all VTS alumni are members of the Alumni Association, the AAEC represents and supports the 3,300+ VTS alumni around the world.

Broadly speaking, the AAEC serves as a channel of communication between the Seminary and the alumni, representing the views and experiences of alumni to Seminary leadership, and helping to communicate key messages, initiatives and programs of the Seminary to our alumni. We work closely with the Alumni and Church Relations office, helping to support alumni in their ministries. We assist with programs such as Alumni Convocation, Alumni Chapters, and other networking and learning opportunities.

This past year, as part of our work, we have focused on three areas of alumni connection and how they might be strengthened through re-engagement and reimagining: class and professional connections; regional connections; and resource networks — ways alumni can serve as resources to one another.  We look forward to sharing some key outcomes from those conversations and increased ways that alumni will be able to stay connected and supported in their ministries. Look for more details this fall!

We feel that the impact the Seminary has on the Church is largely through the ministries of our alumni, and we welcome your thoughts and ideas about how we can continue to highlight and support the amazing 3,300+ VTS alumni around the world!


The Alumni Association Executive Committee of

Virginia Theological Seminary

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