A Big Thank You

Date: May 13, 2022

Commencement was moving, powerful, and extraordinary. And as I come to the final Commentary that I write for the academic year (and look forward to learning about the Seminary from the vantage point of other contributors), I do just want to pause and say “thank you.”

So we had AASL take the lead in so many ways — Ms. Elly Hahn, Dr. Gail-Selina Hewitt-Clarke, Mr. Austin Wendt, led by Rev. Ruthanna Hooke. Chapel was overseen by Dr. Shawn Strout. Dr. Marty Burnett created an extraordinary musical experience. Mr. Reggie Gravina and Mr. Duane Lomis made sure the AV all worked. Meriwether-Godsey created some lovely boxed meals and oversaw the various occasions up until Commencement. Mr. Curtis Prather did the hard work of organizing the photographer and chased down copies of the Washington Post that nearly did not arrive.

Then there were all the workers — ushers, organizers, stewards. I saw Ms. Elizabeth Panox-Leach, Ms. Wendy Bermudez, Mr. Derek Greten-Harrison, and countless others helping in this way and that.

The grounds looked stunning (thank you Mr. John Erbe and Facilities). The bells rang out. Everything was just perfect. Thank you.

The Very Rev. Ian S. Markham, Ph.D.
Dean and President

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