A Busy Time of Year for the Facilities Department

Date: June 8, 2022

As students begin to leave VTS for the summer, the campus can feel empty. During this time of vacant rooms and apartments, the Facilities Department becomes very active. We must prepare for returning students and for new members of the VTS community. As soon as buildings become available, Facilities performs scheduled preventive maintenance, capital projects, and housekeeping.

Capital projects range from in-house work to contracted projects. This summer we will oversee the renovation of two Faculty homes. We will undergo turning over 22 Student Housing Apartments for new students that will arrive in early August.

Facilities technicians and Housekeeping are going through dormitories and apartments preparing units for summer programs and new student families.

BrightView Landscaping is busy maintaining the campus grounds, providing the remaining community an outdoor space to roam and enjoy over the summer.

All this work gets us excited for a new academic year, with the welcoming of new friends to Virginia Theological Seminary. Special thanks to all in Facilities who help complete these tasks.

John Erbe
Director of Facilities Operations

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