A delightful occasion

Date: December 18, 2023

The Chapel was full. The Refectory looked stunning. The music was sublime. The occasion was special. Last night, we had Lessons and Carols and the conferral of the Dean’s Cross on Ms. Ellen Hawkins. So many people worked so hard. The Rev. Dr. Shawn Strout and Dr. Marty Burnett were responsible for the service; it was beautiful.

It was preceded by the official opening of the Welcome Center. Bishop Mark Stevenson led the liturgy and those gathered had the opportunity to explore the beautiful exhibits.

The key people behind the scenes were the hard working Kathleen Hurney, Shelagh Casey Brown, and Jennifer Greiner. And naturally Linda Dienno was an exceptional organizer and presence. Thank you everyone.

The Very Rev. Ian S. Markham, Ph.D.
Dean and President of Virginia Theological Seminary and the President of The General Theological Seminary.

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