A massive Thank You

Date: October 16, 2023

The four days of the Historic Bicentenary depended on the people behind the scenes who planned, prepared, and executed. While we have done due diligence collecting names, please do let us know if we have left anyone off of this list.

Grounds and set ups, Facilities: John Erbe, Griffin Warder, Tom Leake, Tim Lawhorn, Mohamed Mohamed, Jose Reyes, Santino Dut, Stuart Dahlinger, and Teresa Canales.

The AAEHC events: Multicultural Ministries, Institutional Advancement, and the AAEHC: Joe Thompson, Riley Temple, Ebonee Davis, Casey Jones, Aaron Ross, Mitzi Budde, Kate Hurney, Linda Dienno, and Joshua Waits

CACS for their book launch: Kathy Grieb and Hartley Wensing.

Communications and livestream: Nicky Burridge, Claire Chia-Lin Wang, Saleem Kasabreh, Nattaphong Foithong, Reggie Gravina, Lisa Work, Duane Loomis, Danny Applegate, Shelagh Casey Brown, and Meredith Rogers.

Family Fun on the Grove:  A huge thank you to The Butterfly House director, Juanita Sanchez, for closing TBH early to that the children could participate in the activities. A second huge thank you to Donna Sweeting for coordinating local parishes and inviting their preschool children to attend. A third huge thank you to Jennifer Greiner and Kate Hurney for organizing the games and rides as well as coordinating a mass publicity push throughout VTS’s surrounding neighborhood.

Lifelong Learning team for their open house: Lisa Kimball, Josh Brown, and Wallace Benson.

Overall planning and execution, Institutional Advancement: Kate Hurney, Meredith Wied, Jennifer Greiner, Shelagh Casey Brown, Jeffri Harre, Durango Jenkins, Meredith Rogers, and Linda Dienno.

Unveiling the James Solomon Russell portrait and having the Library on the tour site: Bishop Payne Library: Mitzi Budde, Joshua Waits, Charlotte Meyers, Kathy Graham, Vincent Williams, James Fitch, Julie Keim, Beth Lewis, Riley Temple, and David Buresh.

The Flamingo staff: Gabriel Oakes, Brad Baker, Charlotte Steffensen, Anne Alexis Harra, Corey Wargo, Allen Dayal, Rodah Wanyanga, Greg Williams, and Allison Vincent-Beckman

Volunteers for everything from tours, golf cart drivers, event hosts, registration, floaters, gift shop help and beyond:  Eleanor Andersen, Sam Armstrong, Noah Aukerman, Maggie Baker, Talley Banazek, Erica Benson, Kristin Blackerby, Gloria Boateng, Eliza Brinkley, Javanie Byfield, Beth Clarke, Daniel Collier, Daisy Colon, Thomas Conroy, Kimberly Cox, Allen Dayal, Jeff Dienno, Melody Dillon, Emma DiPace, Liev Elie, Victoria Elie, Jay Elmquist, Jim Fitch, Madeline Friedrich, Tori Gilliland, Janettarose Greene, Taryn Habberley, Nathan Harpine, Carolyn Hart, Sharon Heaney, Kate Hurney, Dana Jean, Durango Jenkins, Phoebe Jones, Julie Keim, Jaswant Khanna, Veena Khanna, Karen Klein,  Diane Kyle, Caroline Mazzocchi, Beatrice Osumba, Christian Owusu, Hayden Paul, Olivine Pilling, Redmond Self, Nonhlanhla Shezi, Ignacio Solano, Joe Thompson, Stephanie Townes, Claire Wang, Claire Chia-Lin Wang, Tom Welch, Austin Wendt, Meredith Wied, Terrell Whitaker, Laura White, Garth Wingfield, Harris Woart, Lisa Work, Lillian Hardaway and John Kraynak.

Worship and Music: Shawn Strout, Marty Wheeler Burnett, Darius Hunt, Thomas Smith, Schola Cantorum, Mick Atencio, Noah Aukerman, Maggie Baker, Jacqui Ballou, Talley Banazek, George Black, Eliza Brinkley, Gregory Cross, The Rev. Allen Christy Dayal, Jackson Davey, Melody Dillon, Drew Downey, Jay Elmquist, Lillian Hardaway, Dana Jean, Casey Jones, Saleem Kasabreh, Addison Mcmillan, Amelia Estela Bello Santana, Ignacio Solano, Caroline Mazzocchi, Charlotte Meyer, Hayden Paul, Claire Chia-Lin Wang, Austin Wendt, and Terrell Whitaker.

Everyone on the Meriwether Godsey staff and the extra help they engaged for the four days were tremendous.

HBP managed all the printed materials for the Historic Bicentenary and “ran” with us as we had to pivot and make changes to programs.

The Very Rev. Ian S. Markham, Ph.D.
Dean and President of Virginia Theological Seminary and the President of The General Theological Seminary

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