A New Lifelong Learning

Date: June 27, 2022

I marvel daily at the privilege of leading a team committed to providing resources, training, and mentoring so that faith and leadership across the church will be healthier and holier. As we enter a new fiscal year, the Department of Lifelong Learning‘s operating budget has grown to $1M. We currently house Forma (the network for Christian formation leaders), TryTank (the experimental lab), five Lilly Endowment Inc. grants that together brought the Seminary over $4M, and two more very promising $1M grants are in the planning process. What matters is not the dollar amounts but rather that budgets are moral documents. My team takes the stewardship of these resources, and the scope and impact of ministry that they facilitate, very seriously. 

That team is a dynamic constellation of 26 full and part-time staff, students, and affiliate faculty. We offer programming, consultation, and resource development always informed by baptismal theology, sound tradition, and contemporary research. We strive to be responsive to your needs and interests at a time when so much of the religious landscape is disrupted and uncertain. Recent restructuring and hiring brought new expertise onto our full-time team and strengthened our foundation for the future. The Rev. Katherine Malloy is now the Director of Lifelong Learning Programs, Joshua Brown is our Operations Manager, Elizabeth Panox-Leach joined the department as Manager of Digital and External Affairs, and Altagracia I. Alvarado serves as Interim Coordinator of Christian Formation & Discipleship Resources. 

If you are on campus, please visit the Lifelong Learning suite on the lower level of Addison Academic Center to experience our collaborative, joyful spirit! We too are lifelong learners and want to learn from you. Or find us online through our many websites, regular office hours, webinars, workshops, and publications.  

Lisa Kimball, Ph.D.
Associate Dean of Lifelong Learning and the James Maxwell Professor Chair of Lifelong Christian Formation

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