A stunning campus

Date: October 5, 2023

Yesterday, I met John Erbe in the Welcome Center. We talked for a while about the stunning state of the campus. We are working hard to make sure VTS is a beautiful place when we welcome 460 guests to the campus next week. Being responsible for the Facilities on the campus is hard work. Every day there are tickets needing attention. We have significant contracts for certain services that need monitoring. There are details (such as the fountain in the courtyard of the Deanery) and there are hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of contracts. John’s remarkable team does a great job.

Talking of details, as we talked, I expressed my gratitude to Stuart Dahlinger. The fountain in the Deanery courtyard is a lovely feature; but it cannot be neglected, and Stuart has taken it on as one of his responsibilities. Every morning, he checks on the water level and makes sure there isn’t any mold developing. As guests pass the fountain, I see many of them marveling at the beautiful movement of the water.

As it happens, Stuart was standing outside the Welcome Center as John and I walked out. So, it was a lovely moment. I was able to convey my gratitude to him. It is one of those important details that need attention; and Stuart does this work well.

The Very Rev. Ian S. Markham, Ph.D.
Dean and President of Virginia Theological Seminary and the President of The General Theological Seminary

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