Ask Me About the D.Min. Program

Date: July 14, 2021

In 2006, I attended the National Association of Episcopal Schools Conference in Hollywood, CA. I saw several people wearing buttons that read, “Ask me about the D.Min. program in Educational Leadership at Virginia Theological Seminary.” I asked a button-wearing person about the program, and when they started to describe the experience, I knew immediately the program was for me.

When I stepped foot on campus the following summer, I felt both nervous and instantly at home. The articles, books, classes and case studies, along with written reflections and discussions with members of the faculty and my cohort group, informed and enhanced my leadership and sense of responsibility toward the education of young children.

My project thesis, From Seedtime to Harvest: Stewardship Discovered in a School Garden brought members of the school community where I worked at the time together in shared commitment and enthusiasm, which rippled out into the larger Episcopal School and Episcopal Church world. It was and continues to be the most meaningful experience of my teaching career.

Being on the Seminary campus over the course of several summers increased my gratitude for and tie to the Seminary community. I am forever grateful for the educational experiences, the deep friendships made and the lasting impact VTS has on my life. It is an honor to serve on the AAEC and contribute to a place that has blessed me so deeply.

I am a proud, button wearing member — Ask me about the D.Min. program in Educational Leadership at Virginia Theological Seminary!

Marianne Ryan, D.Min. ‘11
AAEC Secretary, and
Director of Enrollment Management, Clairbourn School
Pasadena, CA

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