Center for Anglican Communion Studies: Lambeth Conference

Date: August 22, 2022

The Center for Anglican Communion Studies (CACS) is pleased to host the Dean’s Commentaries this week and to share our latest news with you.

We’ll start today with a review of our summer activities and move on over the week to sharing highlights of our fall program, an update on our Trinity Church, Wall Street grant, a welcome to our new international students, and an appreciation of our CACS student project assistants. We hope that this overview will tempt you to come back and read each and every day this week!

Summer 2022 for CACS was largely focused on preparations for and participation in the Lambeth Conference of Bishops which took place in Canterbury, England from July 27 – August 7. We enjoyed a wonderful partnership with Institutional Advancement (Linda Dienno, Shelagh Casey Brown, Jeff Harre, Beth Hendrix, and Austin Wendt), Multicultural Ministries (Ebonee Davis) and Communications (Curtis Prather and Christin Lazo) in preparing all the materials needed for the VTS booth at the conference, planning for the 2 VTS events for friends and alumni, and setting the strategy for sharing our activities through social media. In addition, CACS Director Katherine Grieb presented papers in two seminars at the conference and CACS gathered footage for a new video that will be released this fall.

The many hours of preparation paid off as the conference proved to be a wonderful time for VTS to greet old friends, meet new ones, and share the many gifts of our ministries. We hope you saw some of the pictures on the CACS Facebook page. Primates, bishops, their spouses and our many partners across the Communion were grateful for our presence and eager to learn more.

We’re already reaping the benefits as the emails pour in following up on the many exchanges we had. Thank you to Dean Markham for leading our efforts in Canterbury and for supporting this important outreach effort to our brothers and sisters across the Anglican Communion.

The Rev. Katherine Grieb, Ph.D.
Director, Center for Anglican Communion Studies

Hartley Wensing
Associate Director, Center for Anglican Communion Studies

Courtney Henderson-Adams
Administrative Coordinator, Center for Anglican Communion Studies

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