Community Reentry Testing

Date: January 26, 2021

As we did in the fall, we are doing some reentry testing. To facilitate different arrival times, we are using LetsGetChecked. For all students and their families on campus, proctors will be distributing the test boxes. The directions are all enclosed in the box. Register your sample by creating an online account at LetsGetChecked. Follow the directions closely to take the sample. Then put the sample back in the box and take it to the mail center to return via UPS.

Our policy as you arrive on the campus remains the same as in the fall. We ask all those taking a domestic flight to seek to avoid any close proximity with any other person. So, you collect “to go meals” from the Refectory, you participate in worship and classes online, and you avoid socializing in person. During this period, you should receive the PCR test result. Once the five days are up, the combination of a negative PCR test result and no symptoms means that you may continue to participate in the community while maintaining physical distance and wearing a mask.

Finally, the sector of Higher Education is eligible for the vaccine. All employees are eligible for the vaccine; we encourage you to register online at VAMS and get the vaccine as soon as possible. Employees who have had the vaccine should continue to wear a mask and physically distance from one another. We will continue to invite those who have had the vaccine to go to the antigen testing when you are called up.

We did well in the fall as a community. We only had a few positive test results and succeeded in managing to confine them. Let us do equally well in the spring.

The Very Rev. Ian S. Markham, Ph.D.
Dean and President

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