Congratulations to Ross Kane for the “Good News of Church Politics”

Date: April 15, 2024

Talking about politics is difficult. Almost everyone is despairing. So, there is something striking about the title of the Rev. Dr. Ross Kane’s latest book. The words “Good News” and “Church Politics” are rarely put in the same sentence.

In this delightfully manageable book (unlike so many books that are so long, they will never be read), Ross Kane treats the task of church politics as a spiritual practice. He combines theory with application: it is possible, he argues, for congregations to make a political difference in their neighborhoods. Here is a politics that makes a difference through community service and advocacy to the human lives that surround the congregation. Church is now the body of Christ that is making a difference in concrete ways.

Most texts on the political tend to be either much more theoretical or much more contentious. This is a book that speaks to our moment in a beautifully compelling way. We are grateful for this work. I invite you to buy the book here.

The Very Rev. Ian S. Markham, Ph.D.
Dean and President of Virginia Theological Seminary and the President of The General Theological Seminary

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