Dine at 1823

Date: January 7, 2022

This is definitely the quiet season. The campus has been relatively empty over the holidays, and those who are on the campus have been focused on taking their GOEs. It is cold, so the terrace is less inviting. Neighborhood guests are few. The result is a very empty 1823.

Two days ago, I dined on the fish and chips. They were excellent. The Washington Wizards were playing on the television. Three students and a student spouse were in 1823. I enjoyed the conversation, a moment of relaxation in a crazy time.

There are many ways we can spend an evening. We can watch “The Lost Symbol” by Dan Brown on Peacock. We can read a solid, demanding book for a course next semester. Or, perhaps, we could add to our options: taking a stroll out to 1823 for a Coke or other beverage, and enjoying some good conversation.

The Very Rev. Ian S. Markham, Ph.D.
Dean and President

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