The Doctoral Program and the Seminary Community

Date: June 16, 2021

One of the many things that I think makes VTS’ doctoral program’s special, compared to similar programs, is how integrated it is into the full life of the Seminary. We don’t rely on outside adjuncts to do the majority of our teaching; instead VTS’ residential faculty and senior lecturers teach the majority of our classes. But the faculty aren’t the only group who make the Doctoral programs what they are – in fact, it’s hard to overstate how many people at the Seminary make the Doctoral programs possible.  Almost every department and office, from AASL to IA to the Dean’s Office are involved in recruitment. The Library staff helps our students conduct research, and the Finance department makes it possible for them to pay tuition. When students are on campus, they eat food prepared by Meriwether-Godsey, use library computers serviced by Focus Data Solutions, and enjoy the campus so beautifully maintained by the Maintenance, Grounds, and Housekeeping departments.

Because the Seminary is an interconnected ecosystem, every single person who works for the Seminary either directly or indirectly influences the doctoral programs. The ongoing success of this program is because of the hard work of the entire community. I am so looking forward to next summer, when we can all celebrate our doctoral students and the hard work of the VTS community in person.

Mara Sherman
Doctoral Program Coordinator

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