Elizabeth Panox-Leach

Date: May 19, 2022

One of the best decisions I have been part of here at VTS was the one five years ago to hire Elizabeth Panox-Leach to the role of Communications Associate (later Communications Manager). Smart, funny, and open to this interesting world here at VTS, Elizabeth quickly went to work identifying what we were doing, what we should be doing, and what could be done better.

During her time with the Communications Office, she was able to accomplish everything with just about everyone. Students, faculty, and fellow staff all collaborated with her on a litany of important items. She is a counselor, a friend, and a terrific source of information. Any question on any topic, you can find the correct answer after a simple conversation. I really relied on her devotion to the work that we do here. And while there are plenty of examples, two of her largest achievements were her work with us on the re-branding of the Seminary (right as we were planning on going to General Convention in 2018), and the complete and total website overhaul – both incredible legacies. I am grateful to her for all of this, and I wish her all of the success in the world as she takes on a new role within Lifelong Learning where I know she will exceed. Thank you!

Curtis Prather
Director, Communications and Marketing

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