Excellence at The Butterfly House

Date: June 23, 2021

As a parent of young children, I understand how difficult it is to choose a Preschool for your child to attend. Every teacher in the Butterfly House is honored to be chosen to care for each child that enters our doors. Some of our parents/guardians found it extremely difficult deciding whether their child would attend childcare/preschool this pandemic year. We are grateful for every family that chose to entrust their child’s care to us and offer us support during this difficult season.

Many providers were unable to sustain operations due to diminished enrollment and had to close their centers. We were fortunate and only had to shut down briefly in early 2020. We were able to reopen at the beginning of Fiscal Year 2020-21 and provide uninterrupted childcare for the families in our community. Our staff and families felt safe because of the extra precautions employed.

As childcare providers we are always cautious, especially when it comes to cleaning and sanitizing. This year everyone went above and beyond to ensure not only their own safety but the safety of others. We are especially grateful for the cleaning crew who sanitized high touch surfaces throughout the day, and for Grounds/Facilities for installing a temporary playground barrier and moving items from storage to help us reopen. And most of all, we are grateful to Seminary leadership and Nurse Julia and her care team who provided weekly COVID testing for both staff and children.

As we wrap up our 2020-2021 school year, we are grateful for this experience.  It has made us even better providers; we are striving for EXCELLENCE. I am looking forward to a successful 2021-2022 school year with flourishing enrollment and an incredible teaching team!

Juanita Sanchez
Director of The Butterfly House

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