Facilities Department Thank You

Date: May 28, 2021

One of the many blessings of working in the Facilities department is the ability to move through campus entering different buildings and interacting with various students, staff, and faculty. Especially fun is taking in the campus when driving one of the Facilities’ golf carts. I am always astonished at the beauty of the buildings and the grounds.

The community, however, brings the campus buildings and grounds to life. We saw our community face seemingly endless challenges in the last 14 months. Our Administration and Facilities had to adapt and lead everyone through evolving demands created by the COVID-19 pandemic. We experienced empty offices and classrooms, less interaction with community members. During this time, I witnessed that the true blessing of working in Facilities is the people who surround me today. All of the Facilities department stepped up to the challenges we faced.

Christina Hurtado, Teresa Canales, and Ana Jovel recently joined our department. They received a new schedule and higher demand to provide safe spaces for study and work. I am continually impressed by their ability to be flexible and committed. Roberto Johnson and Santino Dut successfully provided a new mail delivery service for community members. Our Maintenance team: Stuart Dahlinger, Victor Hurtado, Tim Lawhorn, Tom Leake, Mohamed Mohamed, and Jose Reyes renovated the student dormitories, and continued to provide daily maintenance needs all under new protocols. Steve Slominski maintained the campus grounds providing a safe place for our community to gather outside. All these members were supported by the new leadership of John Erbe.

I can’t thank these wonderful people enough.

Griffin Warder
Facilities Administrator


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