Faculty Contract Renewals and Tenure

Date: May 24, 2022

Most academic years include reviews of faculty at various points in their career, and this year was no different. The faculty handbook specifies that Assistant Professors be reviewed after three years in the context of a contract renewal or promotion process. This is an excellent opportunity for colleagues who have worked hard to reflect on sucesses and growing edges, and to solidify future plans. After putting together a portfolio of recent syllabi, course evaluations, and publications, the faculty member being reviewed meets with a larger group to discuss. This group consists of both junior and senior colleagues from VTS and a field expert from another institution.

This year two VTS faculty engaged the contract renewal process: Liz DeGaynor, Ph.D, and the Rev. Mark Jefferson, Ph.D. Students in their classrooms know these faculty members to be gifted teachers, and their faculty colleagues are proud of the work that they are contributing to their respective fields. Another member of the faculty, the Rev. Ross Kane, Ph.D. stood for promotion and tenure. Now taking his place as Associate Professor of Theology, Ethics, and Culture, Ross becomes a senior member of the VTS faculty.

Both their colleagues and the Board of Trustees voted unanimously in support of the contract renewal of Mark and Liz, and the promotion and tenure of Ross. I’m delighted and proud of their accomplishments at VTS.

The Rev. Melody Knowles, Ph.D.
Vice President of Academic Affairs and Associate Professor of Old Testament


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