Growth and Change in the Finance Department

Date: June 28, 2021

In January 2021, many of the functions of Administration were integrated into the Office of Finance and Operations.  The department now includes compensation management, staffing, recruiting and on-boarding, employee/labor relations, the Butterfly House, facilities operations and grounds, finance and financial aid administration and information technology.

When it comes to the area of information technology, we continue to make significant investments to improve our technology infrastructure. We have expanded our broadband capabilities to allow for more simultaneous internet users, knowing that every course, worship service, and formation group needed remote access during the pandemic this past academic year. This winter we replaced and installed new network fiber across campus, moved our security network to a separate private network, and installed new data access points in all dormitories and guest houses to improve internet speeds and overall system stability.

In finance, we are committed to streamlining processes and procedures, while maintaining business continuity and cross-functional collaboration. We partnered with various departments across the Seminary and gave them the ability to process invoices and run financial reports for their respective areas. There is no longer a dependency upon the business office to provide this information. This is all made possible by the distributed systems that we have in place.

Just as other industries discovered, the pandemic accelerated the adoption of electronic services, functionality and features, bringing on board those who may have resisted technology previously.  More of our vendors have signed up to receive electronic payments. Currently, we have 99% of our vendors receiving payments via ACH which moves us further along the spectrum towards becoming a cash-less campus.

We are proud of the work and the creativity that our employees continue to display year after year, making the Seminary one of the best places in northern Virginia to work.  This week, leaders from finance and grounds will share with you some of their insights and perspectives.

Jacqui Ballou
Vice President for Finance & Operations

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