First Impressions

Date: June 27, 2023

I was late for my interview at VTS.

Living only 1.4 miles away but being directionally challenged, I gave myself 20 minutes travel time to meet with Linda Dienno in Institutional Advancement. As I pulled onto campus with 10 minutes to spare, I thought I had nailed it! I was struck by the beauty of the place, an immense sacred greenspace rich with history, right in the middle of Alexandria.

After circling and circling, consulting the campus map, muttering “labyrinth” and “I’ve been punked” (along with a few other words I will leave to your imagination), I finally parked and called Linda. She was able to direct me to Sparrow.

I was five minutes late.

As I apologized for my tardiness, Linda assured me “Don’t worry – you’re here now! Take a deep breath!”

I did take that deep breath and was given the opportunity to join VTS. I could not ask to be part of a better team than IA. Linda, Shelagh, Jennifer, Jeff, and Meredith all welcomed me and encouraged me from day one, always showing me that what we do supports the good works of this institution.

From leadership and faculty to staff and students, my experience with VTS has been overwhelmingly positive. I am fortunate to be a part of this community that teaches and demonstrates inclusivity, kindness, empathy, and its commitment to social justice.

Oh, and if you need to know how to circumnavigate the entire campus, see me!

Kate Hurney
Development Associate

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