Information Technology Continues to Evolve

Date: July 20, 2022

The Covid-19 pandemic expanded the role of technology at Virginia Theological Seminary as our staff, faculty, and students began to rely on virtual platforms heavily. Many improvements have been made to adapt to the growing number of online activities over the past two years. Network coverage and bandwidth have been extended, Zoom and Teams usage has doubled, and hybrid online events and classes have become the norm. We have been fortunate to successfully manage all of this in tandem with ongoing campus building renovations that required audio and visual upgrades as well in preparation for our Bicentenary.

Our IT managed services partner, Focus Data Solutions, facilitated the upgrade of our server rooms and worked tirelessly to make sure that network signals and bandwidth are strong throughout the campus. Zoom and Teams became essential software that bridged our community together and reimagined the way we interact with one another. The community came to embrace virtual chapel services, classrooms, staff meetings, and other events that were traditionally held in person. Livestreaming classes and events have become the norm even as we have moved back to in-person events; it provides greater accessibility and broader reach to the church and the world. As we continue to navigate in the midst of Covid-19 and progress toward our Bicentenary in 2023, the technology team will continue to adapt and improve our services for the benefit of the entire VTS community.

Reggie Gravina
Technology Coordinator

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