It Takes a Village

Date: June 26, 2023

This week’s Dean’s Commentaries are from Institutional Advancement (IA). Throughout the week, you’ll read about the annual fund from Jennifer Greiner and alums from Shelagh Casey Brown. You’ll also read perspectives from Kate Hurney, a relatively new member of the IA team, and Isabelle DeGaynor, an intern who joined us for a week earlier this month.

The mix of subjects and people is what makes IA unique. We operate from a base of relationships that help strengthen the Seminary and grow VTS’ financial resources. Our relationship-building since January went into overdrive because I became the interim director for communications. While IA was already responsible for monthly news to alumni and friends and helping promote various events, the interim communication director gig meant press releases, live streaming, photography and videography, weekly news to VTS, “attract” information in Addison, etc. Our world of relationships grew 10-fold! It’s been a season of learning and doing, and my interim position expires on July 1, when Nicky Burridge will arrive as our new VP for communications.

For this moment, I want to thank all of IA for stepping up and helping over the past six months. Shelagh managed the weekly communique. Kate helped get photographers and videographers in place. Kate and Jennifer ran “Operation WAPO” for commencement (code talk for get the “Washington Post” with all the graduate’s names in it on campus and to the Dean BEFORE 8 am). Jeff took things off my “IA plate” so I could focus on communications. Meredith was always ready to provide necessary data and make updates as we received them from multiple sources.

These past months remind us that we don’t operate alone, and good work requires a village. I’m grateful to the “IA village” that helped move communications along while continuing to do their jobs and do them well. It’s rare that we get to step into someone else’s shoes, so along with gratitude to IA, I am in awe of communications at VTS and the depth of its work. Nicky, we will welcome you next week to the VTS family!

Linda L. Dienno
Vice President for Institutional Advancement

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