Lego Reproduction Work Complete

Date: January 13, 2022

It is spectacular. It is a piece of extraordinary art. It takes three of the oldest buildings on the campus and reproduces, in extraordinary detail, the complexities of those buildings. I am pleased to announce that the Lego reproduction of Aspinwall, Meade, and Bohlen halls is now complete. I added the cross to the top of Aspinwall Hall.

It has been a ministry for a significant group of builders: Beth Hendrix ’21, Timothy Rutherford ’22, Silas Adkins-Hooke, Johnny Knight, Griffin Warder, Wesley Warder, Eleanor Reed, Alison Campbell, Alex Myers, David Crosby ’12, Chrissie Crosby ’14, Wade Greiner, Liev Elie, Leslie Roraback ’21, Conor Salter ’20, and Beowulf and Asher Rutherford.

Others played an important role: For assistance during this building time, Institutional Advancement was great. Jeffri Harre ’19 was point person; Jennifer Greiner managed many fun and innovative events, especially around Christmas time. Linda Dienno was a big support during this process and kept a lot of things moving. Facilities were a huge help each time we moved the project. Curtis Prather, Elizabeth Panox-Leach, and Wendy Bermudez took photos during the build. Barney Hawkins was the visionary behind the display table and cover. Ramsey Terhune made the table block and the plexiglass dome.

Finally, our builder-in-chief was Jeff Dienno. He gave eleven months of his life to this project – starting in Lent and finishing in Epiphany. He got to know the intricacies of the project – the detail in each office. Where others might have decided, entirely understandably, to give for a season and then move on, Jeff was determined. He was going to see the project to the very end. Even the tricky tower of Aspinwall Hall was not going to defeat him. It was an act of deep generosity. I am grateful.

The Very Rev. Ian S. Markham, Ph.D.
Dean and President 

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