Madam President’s Reflection: Relationships

Date: June 1, 2021

The spring semester would mark my fourth semester of Seminary, but it would bring with it new responsibilities and experiences. February 1 would be the first day in my new role as Student Body President. I would be joined by an amazing team of female officers to do the work of serving the Virginia Theological Seminary student body. Yes, all of the student body officers are women! I guess you could say 2021 was a good year for women, as our first African American female vice president, Kamala Harris, was sworn in on the steps of the Capitol.

As I reflect back on the first half of my term, it has been the relationships both old and new that have been maintained and established that I am most grateful for. The role of Student Body President affords you many opportunities to build and strengthen relationships between your peers, faculty, staff, and the administration. Our relationships give meaning and richness to the work that we have been called to and to our lives. We all need a community of people to share the joys and the struggles of organizing and our efforts to make a difference in the communities in which we live and serve.

Although my relationship with Dean Markham is different than my relationship with Jennifer Greiner, director of annual giving; or my relationship with Ebonee Davis, associate for Multicultural Ministries; and of course, the relationships that I have with my fellow seminarians … all of these relationships matter! Often building relationships is the groundwork that must be laid before the real work can be done. This thought reminds me of the relationship with the God we know in Jesus Christ.  I truly believe that when we join in a community in faith, love, and service the beauty of relationship is revealed.

Grace and peace,
Donna Arrendell ’22
Student Body President


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