Morning Prayer in January

Date: January 25, 2022

It is true that the formal exception of one corporate act of worship does not start until the formal semester starts. The provision of chapel services in January is focused on those enrolled in January term classes and those who wish to keep the practice going in between semesters. So attendance is not required; however, it is obviously good.

Yesterday morning I arrived late for Morning Prayer. I was impressed by the number present. There were enough that we could do the Psalms antiphonally; but there were not so many that we didn’t comfortably and safely occupy the south transept where there are cushions on the seats.

It is good to sit with God (perhaps with the help of a spiritual director) and ask the question: Why am I not going to Morning Prayer in January? Often we are our own best case study. When we wonder whether congregations will return after two years of Zoom church? We should ask ourselves. When we wonder whether how one creates holy habits and practices? We should ask ourselves.

Listening to ourselves can be a good way of learning. I encourage the practice.

The Very Rev. Ian S. Markham, Ph.D.
Dean and President

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