Notes from VTS’ Summer Intern

Date: June 28, 2023

I’d like to thank my aunt, Dr. Elizabeth DeGaynor, for getting married this past October. If she hadn’t, I wouldn’t be sitting in the Institutional Advancement office right now typing up this commentary and reflecting on the past three weeks of my internship here at VTS. At my aunt’s wedding, I had the opportunity to meet Dean Markham and talk to him about my future goal of running a nonprofit. At the end of the conversation, he graciously offered to host me as an intern for the month of June so I could shadow and learn from a couple of different seminary departments.

I spent the first week in the Finance office, the second with the Dean, and this past week I’ve been in the Institutional Advancement office. Over the last month, I’ve sat in on meetings, worked through accounting sheets, stuffed envelopes… lived through both the interesting and, well, less interesting aspects of nonprofit work. I’ve learned so much in the time I’ve spent at VTS that will prepare me for the nonprofit world, but I think what has stuck out the most is the warmth and passion of the people who work here. I have felt so welcomed, loved, and supported over these past few weeks. Everyone has been willing to answer any questions I have had and has encouraged me to voice my thoughts—even though I’m completely new here!

As I walk out of this office for the last time today, I hope that, when I’m running my own ship, I will be able to foster the type of warm environment that I have found during my time at VTS.

Isabelle DeGaynor

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