Our God of Abundance

Date: June 7, 2024

If you have heard me speak at an event in the last year or so, this next phrase will sound familiar:

“Ours is a God of abundance. And God is providing us with everything we need to do the work we are called to do in the world right now.  And if we don’t recognize that abundance, it’s likely because it’s in a form we don’t recognize. Pray. Discern. Ask God to show it to you. And open your eyes to it.”

This belief is the foundation for all of the work TryTank does. And it’s the core of my ministry being. And I see it too! I continue to be amazed as to how many great and amazing things are going on in our church even as our numbers have declined. Make no mistake about it, we (you and I) are part of God’s abundance to the church.

With that mindset, I want to let you know that I now host “Office Hours” as part of Lifelong Learning at VTS every month. If you have any questions about innovation or TryTank or want to run a crazy idea by someone, I’m around! My schedule is every second Thursday from 1-2p.m EST. Meaning that June 13 is my next day. Sign up here.

Perhaps I can be a little of God’s abundance for your work!

The Rev. Lorenzo Lebrija, DMin, MBA
Chief Innovation Officer, VTS
Executive Director, TryTank Research Institute 

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