Preparations for the Board Meeting

Date: October 30, 2023

The Board Meetings, which will be held in Chelsea, New York, in early November, are crucial. There is considerable success to report. For VTS, we have marked our Historic Bicentenary appropriately and powerfully. The campus is ready for a third century of service. For GTS, the hybrid MDiv is an amazing success, with GTS students testifying about its value and strength last week at the GTS Alumni Convocation. There are, also, challenges. A hybrid MDiv needs a different type of campus: so how do we best take care of the Close in Chelsea?

In this season, my chief of staff, Ms. Taryn Habberley is working exceptionally hard. She is handling the logistics of the gathering; she is also responsible for two Board committees (Trustees, Executive); it is a very busy time for her. In the departments of Finance, Institutional Advancement, and Academic Affairs, there are others responsible for the logistics of their Board Committees. Finance has three, Institutional Advancement has one, and Academic Affairs has two. Although they are all on Zoom, briefing papers, minutes, and reports need to be prepared, and given that each Committee has two committee meetings (one for VTS, the other for GTS), there is much to do.

Today, I want to thank Ms. Habberley and all those who are working to make governance work. This is important work. For all this hard work, I am very grateful.

The Very Rev. Ian S. Markham, Ph.D.
Dean and President of Virginia Theological Seminary and the President of The General Theological Seminary

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