Project Phoenix is Next Week

Date: June 8, 2023

Earlier this year, we announced Project Phoenix, an ecumenical project that aims to develop an experimental prototype faith community for people in their 20s. We are lucky enough to be working with the ELCA, PCUSA, TEC, and Roman Catholic Church. We’re also in conversation with the Disciples of Christ and Methodist Church about this project.

By this time next week, the team will be in day four of a design sprint. This is the culmination of months of research (both qualitative and quantitative) about and with young people. We have checked in with professionals along the way to make sure we were doing it correctly and all that data should turn into some sort of prototype next week.

It has been fascinating to talk with young adults about their faith (or lack thereof). I don’t know what we’ll come up with, but we’re gathering to pray, listen to more experts, and discern where the Holy Spirit is in relation to what these young people told us.

Stay tuned to see what comes from that! (To keep up with all of TryTank’s work, be sure to sign up for our monthly newsletter.)

The Rev. Lorenzo Lebrija
Chief Innovation Officer | Virginia Theological Seminary and the General Theological Seminary
Executive Director | TryTank Experimental Lab

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