Date: May 18, 2022

A quiet campus is not to be dismissed or taken for granted. If you have been through this before, you know this quiet is deceptive. Different departments and offices are busier now than at any point in the year: Deep Calls to Deep and the doctoral residency programs are right around the corner; the Reparations initiative is planning a special dinner honoring descendants; there is anxiety for some revolving around several big conferences away from The Holy Hill, just a month or two away; there is preparation for a new school year; campus construction is ongoing; facilities will tackle an enormous punch list of campus priorities; and so much more.

And also, there are still plenty of student families who are not going anywhere. Our neighbors from Alexandria will walk the campus, with and without their dogs. Some of them may visit the dog park or contemplate within the labyrinth.  Some of them will still stop in (Wednesday – Saturday evenings) 1823 to get “the best hamburger in all of Northern Virginia.” Marriages will happen in Immanuel Chapel. Books will still be written and edited. Employee Appreciation Day is just next week. And even more things will happen that we don’t even know about yet.

And all of that is perfect and proof of enjoying those (even illusive) moments of quiet.

Curtis Prather
Director, Communications and Marketing

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