Rainbow at the End of the Storm

Date: June 6, 2022

Last year my guest post for the Commentary focused on the struggles in the childcare industry during COVID. I have to say although the mask mandates have loosened, not much has changed! COVID appears to be here to stay, and we are all learning to adapt.

Adapting to all the change is easier said than done, and more so for us adults. As we age, our brains form many different connections, making adapting a bit more challenging. Children on the other hand have not formed as many connections, making it easier for them to make the shift into different patterns of thinking. For children, rewiring their brains requires less effort. For most educators this is encouraging. As we care for them, we are amazed to see their growth each day and how easily they adapt to the changes COVID has required.

Challenging as it has been at times, look how far we’ve come! As we move forward, I am grateful for the challenging times as they have brought many new experiences and opportunities for new thinking and growth.

A big thank you to all the extraordinary teachers at The Butterfly House for making this challenging year a great success!

Juanita Sanchez
Director of The Butterfly House

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