September 18. 2020

Date: September 18, 2020

An integral part of community life on campus is the role that the student government takes. We are deeply appreciative of all students who are willing to take on a leadership role. Please join me in congratulating the following students. M.Div. Class 2023 President, Mitchell Felton Vice President, Stephen Pecot Junior At-Large Representative to the Student Council, Brandon Nonnemaker Class Chaplains, Paddy Cavanaugh, and Kimberly Dunn Seminary Worship Committee Representatives, Kimberly Dunn, and Brandon Nonnemaker Cultivate VTS Committee Representative, Jimmy Pickett Student Mission Society Council Representative, Bailey Kimmel Members of the Student Aid Society, serving a 3-year term, LP Mau and Jen Leahey M.Div. Class of 2022 Class Chaplains, Grace Casola and Jean Mackay-Vinson M.Div. Class of 2021 Class Chaplains, Michael Sweeney and Sarah Cowan M.A. Program President, Allen Gaye Vice-President, Katherine Ferguson Seminary Masters Curriculum Committee Representative, Demarius Walker Anglican Studies Program President, Derek Miller Vice-President, Denise Bennett International Student Association President, Daniel Jeyaruban Vijayathasan Vice-President, Olaph Mhema   Pathway to Ministry Program President, Brian Rink Vice-President, Ryan Missel Student Body At-large Representatives to the Mission Society Council, Ashley Hubbard and Demarius Walker Student Mission Society Secretary, Eliza Davies Student Mission Society Treasurer, Zachary Baker Rodes Student Representative to the Board of Trustees Committee on Institutional Advancement, Marybeth Sanders-Wilson The Very Rev. Ian S. Markham Dean and President

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