Take Stock of Your “Technology”

Date: August 15, 2023

As seminary students, our time is often filled up to the brim by the vast array of classes, forums, services, events, and ministry opportunities that we take part in. It can be difficult to keep track of everything in busy seasons like these, and to make room for rest and play. I like to encourage incoming students and returning students alike to set aside an hour or so to do a survey of their “technology.” When I use the word technology in this sense, it means any tools a student might use to access or accomplish work, rest, worship, and play.

When I take stock of my technology at the beginning of a semester, I list out the physical items I use, then the digital. Physical items can include textbooks and notebooks, backpacks, physical planners, and electronic devices. Digital items can include software used on electronic devices to either structure time or make certain tasks easier, such as a digital calendar, email account, or digital learning platform. After listing out as many physical and digital tools I can think of, I ask myself, “are these items helping me accomplish the things I am setting out to do, or are they hindering me? What do I need to add, change, or remove to help me achieve my goals?” After identifying success and pain points, I seek to find a couple small adjustments I can make to live more aligned with my values.

I have identified my main values as a seminary student to be learning how to balance a life of work, rest, worship, and play, connecting with lifelong friends and ministry partners, and preparing my heart and mind for ministry. Thus, my aim in completing a “technology” survey like this is not to overhaul my organization systems, but instead to note what is working and not working and to make slight improvements. I hope you will consider this an invitation to try this practice out for yourself, and I pray that your time may be blessed as you pursue your goals and seek to live by your values.

Mick Atencio M.Div. ’24
Student Body Vice-President

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