It’s Teacher Appreciation Week!

Date: May 5, 2021

Ask almost anyone about “formative” people in their lives, and most of us will list at least one teacher. Teachers can be very influential. They take an interest in our growth as human beings; they can help us discover a new skill; and they build a precious connection with us.

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week. So today, I wish to highlight the teachers in The Butterfly House our on-campus preschool. Parents are very aware of how much the children look forward to seeing their teacher. Our teachers have taken staff development very seriously. Increasing numbers have added continuing education to their busy lives and are getting their associates’ and bachelor’s degrees. They are providing a high-quality educational experience.

So, today, we honor:

  • Georgia Barner, Administrative Assistant/Floater
  • Tiffany Buchanan, Lead Teacher, Toddlers
  • Schuyler Deane, Substitute Teacher
  • Gladys Galarza, Assistant Teacher, Toddlers
  • Shauna Gonzalez, Lead Teacher, PreK-4/TBH Floor Lead
  • Shereen Hanna, Assistant Teacher, Older 2s and Younger 3s
  • Genesis Hughes, Lead Teacher, Infants
  • Morgan Khan, Lead Teacher, PreK-3
  • Asha Lamaallem, Lead Teacher, Younger 2s
  • Evelin Lockwood, Floater
  • Dana Mutscheller, Assistant Teacher, PreK-3
  • Henriette Nangui, Lead Teacher, Older 2s and Younger 3s
  • Katherine Nieves, Assistant Teacher PreK-4
  • Elsyluz Rodriguez, Assistant Teacher, Younger 2s
  • Constance Rostorfer, Assistant Teacher, Infants
  • Juanita Sanchez, Director

Thank you for being special and important in so many young lives.

The Very Rev. Ian S. Markham, Ph.D.
Dean and President

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