Superheroes at The Butterfly House

Date: June 22, 2021

What an unexpected year 2020-2021 has been for us all!

As the Director of The Butterfly House, I like many others was hit with a situation that I never thought I would be faced with. I must say this year has been challenging, but overall, I am so proud of each of the teachers, the children we care for, and the parents/guardians that trusted us to care for their children during such uncertain times.

Let me start with the teachers. Each teacher in their own way had to reimagine almost every facet of learning. Though uncertain at times amidst constantly changing regulations, they remained calm, dedicated, and most of all, safe. Through a difficult, and some might even say traumatic time, each teacher was emotionally and physically present for the children. For this reason, they are our SUPERHEROES!

The children, all I can say is wow. Although most of them may not remember this time in their lives, they adjusted quickly in every aspect and have proven to be resilient. From wearing face coverings to independent play, they each built a resilience that will be the foundation for their lives. So very proud we all are of our youngest generation.

Juanita Sanchez
Director of The Butterfly House

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