The Change of Pace

Date: September 23, 2022

At the Staff Meeting yesterday, I found myself musing towards the end of the meeting on “the change of pace”. Two years in COVID changed the pace of life. There were days when there were few face-to-face meetings. There were fewer events. Less was happening. As you would expect this created a backlog. The moment when these meetings and events were possible was always going to be a busy moment.

I am finding myself both enjoying the pace and also finding it exhausting. It is great to be listing at the Staff Meeting four upcoming events – the artist Terry Lynn is on the campus, Malcolm Guite will provide in the inaugural reading of the sonnets written for our historic bicentenary, the play Dust is being performed, and the Bill Roberts Mass will be celebrated. Yet the “busy” muscle is out of practice; I am finding the pace a slight shock. I did remind the meeting that one is not obligated to attend any of these events. As one adjusts to the new normal, it is important to pick and choose the events you plan to attend.

One last oversight needs to be rectified. As I listed our new employees who are now part of VTS, we had our new librarian – Jim Fitch – on the powerpoint but my eye missed the name on the sheets. So, please join me in welcoming Jim Fitch to the library. We are delighted that he is with us.

The Very Rev. Ian S. Markham, Ph.D.
Dean and President

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