The Courage, Creativity, and Generosity of Building Faith’s Authors

Date: July 25, 2023

One of my favorite parts of being the Lead Editor for Building Faith, Lifelong Learning’s website that publishes Christian formation articles, is working with authors. They share great ideas, create effective resources, and show other Christian formation leaders that they are not alone in the struggles that arise with formation ministries. They write with courage, generosity, and devotion, and they give of their time and energy to work with our editing team to bring their articles from idea to publication. I have learned a lot from our authors, and I suspect that their contributions to Building Faith have ministered to countless readers and communities.

If you haven’t had a chance to read our recent authors’ works, I invite you to dive into these articles from May to July:

3 Planning Suggestions for Overwhelmed Formation Ministers” by Elliott May
Summer Formation Bingo: A Family or Church-wide Challenge” by Kelli Sieplinga Dunn
Church Participation in Pride Events: Why and How to Show Up” by Heidi J. A. Carter
Illuminating Enslaved People’s Story in Liturgy: The Creation of the Juneteenth Liturgy” by Alberta Brown Buller, Jeanette Dinwiddie-Moore, and Mauricio J. Wilson
A Path of Support and Discovery: Mentoring for Formation Leaders” by Carol Pinkham Oak
Creating a Healthy Climate for Ministry Volunteers,” “Moving from Mistakes to Success in Recruiting Volunteers,” and “Equipping Volunteers for Excellence” by Bryant Johnson

I also invite you to visit Building Faith, subscribe to our mailing list, or follow our Facebook page to receive new stories, ideas, and resources from more of our authors in upcoming weeks and months. And if you have an article idea or want to write for Building Faith, please get in touch with our team!

Jodi Belcher
Lead Editor of Building
Faith and Christian Formation Coordinator

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