The Current CACS Team

Date: July 10, 2023

The Center for Anglican Communion Studies (CACS) is pleased to be hosting the Dean’s Commentary this week and we thought we would begin by sharing updates on our team.

In May, we were thrilled to welcome our new Administrative Coordinator, Andrea Gauntlett. Andrea earned her undergraduate degree in journalism from St. John’s University, Jamaica, New York, and her Master of Management degree in business from Cambridge College in Massachusetts. She has worked in banking, auto claims, and human services roles and, prior to relocating to the northern Virginia area, she served as the Administrative Assistant for TABCOM (The American Baptist Churches of Massachusetts) in Groton. Andrea has a passion for helping others, loves sports, and advocates for underserved and disadvantaged populations. In her spare time, she manages the “Rough Diamonds”, a men’s amateur soccer club which she founded in 2016, and which competes in the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL). Andrea and her husband Carl are parents of four adult children. Andrea’s office is in Meade 105 and she can be reached at and at extension 1735.

We are also pleased to have two additional new members of our team starting in the fall: Addie Tapp (Class of 2025) and Saleem Kasabreh (Class of 2024). Addie will bring her many skills and her soul for hospitality to CACS, working across all projects as a Research/Project Assistant; Saleem will be supporting emerging work with the Diocese of Jerusalem under our Trinity Church Wall Street grant, lending us his deep understanding of the diocese and his Arabic language skills. Maxine King (Class of 2024) will continue her stellar written and interpersonal work with us as well, and we could not be more grateful for her continued dedication.  Luis Hernández-Rivas (Class of 2023) has continued his work with CACS this summer mentoring and coaching young leaders in our Trinity Church Wall Street Mexico cohort and doing his superb video work.

Katherine Grieb and I extend our heartfelt thanks to all these CACS team members.  It is a true pleasure to work with each one of them.

Hartley Hobson Wensing
Associate Director, CACS

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