The Dean Has COVID: COVID Case Study Part Two

Date: April 25, 2022

Regular readers of the Commentary are aware that Luke Markham had a positive COVID result on Tuesday. As an exposed person, I then spent Wednesday and Thursday carefully navigating the world: I wore my mask constantly and did everything I could to physically distance. During this time, I took two “at home” tests, both of which were negative. Then by Friday morning, I had clear symptoms. My throat was sore; and I had achy limbs. I found a CVS clinic to do a drive-through PCR test. The result came back on Saturday afternoon. It was positive. (For the scientists among my readers, it might interest you to know that I then did an “at home” test and this time it was positive.)

Nurse Julia took me through the steps. Counting 48 hours back I had to identify persons with whom I was unmasked and spent fifteen minutes or more in close proximity – i.e. less than six feet away. I was pleased to report that it was just Lesley and Luke. Even when I vested up for the service on Wednesday morning, I was careful to wear a mask the entire time.

My temperature was 100.5 degrees; it was normal by Sunday morning. The sore throat is still there and a hacking cough is now keeping the throat company. I am required to isolate for five days, which means I will miss the visit by the Archbishop of Canterbury. Vice President Melody Knowles will stand in for the roles that I had. I’ll stay off-campus for this period.

Fortunately, I am fully vaccinated, although I didn’t get the second booster (eligible for persons over fifty). I do invite those who are eligible to consider getting the second booster. Although I am a ‘breakthrough’ case, the data shows that I should be fine. It will be an unpleasant few days and then I should be well. Meanwhile, do continue, please, to navigate the world with care and monitor yourself for symptoms.

The Very Rev. Ian S. Markham, Ph.D.
Dean and President


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