The Detail is in the Data

Date: June 14, 2022

No advancement office can operate without good data and excellent data management. The VTS Institutional Advancement (IA) office is no exception. We are only as strong as the data in our system and our ability to retrieve it in meaningful and valuable ways. The two people who do extraordinary database work in IA are Wendy Bermudez and Meredith Pilling Wied. Wendy is the database associate responsible for gift processing and data work, especially regarding gifts. Meredith is the database analyst who primarily updates constituent records and retrieves data so others can use it. (That was a high-level explanation that in no way describes the depth of their work!)

We rely on Wendy and Meredith to make sure gifts are posted correctly and acknowledged promptly, and that data is as current as possible. They are instrumental in pulling helpful lists from our database records. An example would be getting information for Dean Markham in preparation for travel to visit alumni and friends. Let’s say he is visiting Denver; with our database, we can provide details that will help him make those connections.

Meredith and Wendy are integral parts of the IA team. While much of what they do is “behind the scenes,” they contribute significantly and understand the impact of our work. Wendy explains, “What we do is more than raise money. We build and nurture relationships that foster a spirit of generosity. That generosity comes in forms other than money. These gifts can be a person’s time; it can be items used by the Seminary, such as books, vestments, and furniture; it can also be the inclusion of us all in the donors’ prayers.”

Meredith adds: “IA is always looking for ways to build and widen bridges among constituencies within and beyond the Seminary. Whether it’s connecting a department with alums doing related work, co-planning a giving initiative in support of a VTS program, or growing the network of people in the ‘outside’ world who are interested in engaging with the Seminary, IA is very interested in conversations about how to best support the multifaceted work of the VTS community.”

Yes, the details are in the database; the success is in the care and attention given by excellent members of the IA team. Thank you, Wendy, and Meredith!

Linda L. Dienno
Vice President for Institutional Advancement

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