The Extraordinary Rev. Dr. Bill Roberts

Date: October 28, 2022

Last night was a memorable evening. On so many levels, the evening was just a delight. Whenever musicians perform in the Chapel, one cannot help but note how impoverish and inadequate other spaces are for music. The chapel does music really well. Then we had this amazing music for the Eucharist. The Rev. Dr. Bill Roberts had created musical compositions that were perfect for the moment; the music of two hundred years ago was captured in a new form for a Eucharist. It was magical. Then we had a sermon by Dr. Marty Burnett, which was gracious, funny, grounded in the Psalms, and an appropriate celebration of the moment. Then we had a choir of extraordinary voices. I was in awe.

The journey of the two hundred years is being marked in many ways. We have had the Malcolm Guite sonnets; we watched the play by Non Vaughan O’Hagan; and now we have had the music of Bill Roberts. Living through these occasions is truly a delight. I am grateful to all those who make it possible.

The Very Rev. Ian S. Markham, Ph.D.
Dean and President

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